Introduction of Orchid Orchid

Our Phalaenopsis Shop in Binh Duong Province currently offers all kinds of Phalaenopsis orchids, including purple Phalaenopsis, Yellow Phalaenopsis, Pink Phalaenopsis and Lake Orchid. White scallop, white Phalaenopsis orchids are imported directly at farms and garden houses in Dalat. Phalaenopsis orchids have a height, orchids bloom many flowers, longevity and durable.

Shop receives advice on designing Phalaenopsis flower pots at your request. Phalaenopsis flower pots are assembled by experienced technicians, they can create luxurious and beautiful orchids pots with high aesthetics. Phalaenopsis flower shop receives flowers to take place at the request of customers in Binh Duong province.

Imported Phalaenopsis varieties are cared for and developed in the best conditions in Vietnam, with tall plants, lots of flowers, large and thick petals with long flowering time. Besides, our orchid shop collects and regularly introduces many new varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids, with unique petal colors and designs from many countries around the world to bring many choices for customers. line.

Phalaenopsis orchids symbolize purity, highness and elegance. With a simple design, decorated with fancy accessories, exquisite, potted orchids will bring elegance to every space.

You need to use Phalaenopsis orchids to decorate your home, living room, office, reception room or as a gift to congratulate events such as opening, ground breaking, inauguration, holidays Tet. Please contact Ho Diep Orchid Shop in Binh Duong Province.

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Mr Vinh
Business manager